Recent History


[PJ] The Arcane finish construction of the Demiplane of Union


[GW] The Day of Xaphan and The Liche War


[GH] Kingdom of Nyrond established, Kingdom of Keoland at peak; Urnst, Theocracy of Pale become independent.

4,824 to 4,974

[SJ-TS] The Insectare War- After a brief lull, conflict resumed when the Insectare tried to seize control of the elven navy, and the worlds it protected. It was later determined that the insectare were planted by the Neogi. During the Inhuman War, the neogi had been silent, apparently allowing one of the major groups to be victorious. Since the elves won, the neogi sought to eliminate their only remaining rival. The plot, thought well planned, was foiled. The elven navy eventually purged itself by killing not only every insectare in its ranks, but any elf who freely associated with them. Over 10,000 elves were killed, the few remaining insectare went into hiding, and the neogi were on the run.


[SJ-TS] Realmspace: First dealings with the K’r’r’r- In the vicinity of The Garden, a group of travellers encountered what came to be known as the K’r’r’r Unity Fleets. The strange, spider-like creatures were verbally aggressive, with talk of sending all groundlings back where they belong. This hostile reception did not involve any blows. To date, the K’r’r’r are a minor threat wherever they occur, and from time to time they have threatened some small worlds.


[SJ] The vampire T’Laan conquers Darkspace.


[PJ] Plague strikes Carrigmoor


[SJ-TS] Plague of the Clockwork Horrors.- During this year, some of the worlds on the known spheres were plagued by Clockwork Horrors. Even worlds that had no active spelljamming were affected, so how they managed to reach so many worlds has never been adequately explained.

[SJ-TS] Realmspace: Arrival of the Batship. – The Batship, for reasons that have never been fully explained, settled in Realmspace at about this time. It is known to have traveled through Krynspace at one point, apparently before settling here. At first, the strange ship was seen in the vicinity of Garden, but soon moved closer to the sun. Today, it travels a random path between Toril, Anadia, and Colair, apparently resting in the Tears of Selune.


[AQ] Grand Caliph Anwar ascends the throne and starts sponsoring the exploration of faraway lands, even those beyond Toril(spelljamming). (1176 DR)


[Maztica] Tenoch II, a great-grandson of Tenoch I, is crowned the sixth Revered Counselor of Nexal (c.1190 DR)


[SJ] The pirate Bral establishes his base on the asteroid which would later bear his name.


[PS] The Ragers, a sect from Ysgard, begins building the Great Areana to becoma a faction, but are soon kicked out of Sigil. Groups once known as Xaosophiles, the Discordant Opposition, and the Ochlocrats became the Xaositects, replacing the Incanterium as a true Faction.


[SJ-TS] Krynnspace: The battle of Krynn- This battle is famous for who fought in it: The Spelljammer and a Neogi flotilla. It has been suggested that the Neogi were planning to conquer Krynn, or at least a large portion of it, but the Spelljammer intervened. The battle was furious, and the Spelljammer was eventually destroyed. However, the Neogi were badly decimated as a result of the fight, and were unable to launch their planned assault. As an aside, the Spelljammer was sighted a year later in Greyspace, proving that the great ship does somehow “regenerate.”


[PS] Haskar become Factol of the Fraternity of Order, replacing Lariset the Inescapeable.


[GH] Founding of Iron League; Ivid I ascends Malachite Throne in the Great Kingdom (446 CY)


[FR] First recorded use of Bombards by Lantan (1246 DR)


[PS] The halfling hero Rangell Farambler diverts a flank of the Modron March from the power Shella Peryroyl’s blessed orchards. The modrons sign an agreement to forever follow the established roads in Hearths Faith on Mount Celestia.


[GH] Might of Iuz grows. (479 CY)


[FR] Manshoon founds the Zhentarim (1261 DR)


[SJ] Cozar founds the Royal House of Bral.


[SJ-TS] Arcane in the Radiant Triangle- By the year, the Arcane had several establishments and business operations in the Radiant Triangle. Since they had a firm commercial hold on the Pentiacate, they decided to expand. Despite their aggressive marketing tactics, only individuals took interest in spelljamming, and no large nations: the ones who would make high yield, bulk orders. The only notable exception to this was Shou Lung on Toril, who would have an active spelljamming fleet within the decade.


[GH] County of Urnst becomes Palatinate under Duchy of Urnst; Greyhawk becomes a Free City. (498 CY)


[GH] Imprisonment of Iuz beneath the Castle Greyhawk (507 CY)


[PJ] The Chendl Four destroy the operations of The Slavers


[GH] Rise of Horned Society; Humanoids take Pomarj. (513 CY)

[PJ] The Chendl Four take on the Paladin Erika becoming the Chendl Five and venture towards the Vault of the Drow under the instruction of the Mage of The Valley. They are beaten back and barely escape with their lives, although they do return with some artifacts. It is on this trip that Draego discovers the fiendish blood in his background.


[PJ] The Chendl Five solve the puzzle of the Lost Tomb of Martek


[SJ-TS] First contact with the Dracon- The Dracon, or dragon centaurs, first appeared in remote sections of the known spheres at about this time.


[FR] Spelljamming contact begun with some portions of Toril (1300 DR)


[SJ-TS] First verified contact with the Scro.- In a number of spheres, human and demi human travelers noted the appearance of the orc-like Scro claiming to be the “next rulers” of space, the successor to the old humanoid fleets.

[PS] The Hall of Speakers pass a tax meant to relieve the starvation in the Hive. Barely a month passes before protests are filed. The tax is repealed in less than six months.


[SJ-TS] First confirmed sightings of Mindspiders- The Neogi, who had been very quiet for several decades, made their presence known again by revealing their newest ship: the Mindspider. These small, lithe ships proved to be very dangerous, even more so than the Deathspiders, which had for long been the mainstay of the neogi Alliance. Today, the Mindspider is one of the most feared ships in space, and the most common reaction is to either attack them on sight, or flee. There are rumors of a new, dual-helmed neogi ship, but to date no one has confirmed this.


[SJ] Frun becomes Prince of Bral.


[PS] Rit’ha of the Fraternity of Order travels to the Quasielemental Plane of Steam and successfully communicates with the elusive klyndesi.


[GW] The Defeat of the Yuan-Ti


[FR] Azoun IV takes throne of Cormyr (1336 DR)

[KT] Matasuuri Nagahide becomes the new shogun of Wa. Foreign traders are ordered to leave the country. Unauthorized interaction with foreigners is declared illiegal. (1336 DR)


[PJ] The Factions begin to take an interest in Carrigmoor

[PS] The Grand Conjunction takes place in the Demiplane of Dread (Their years 735 to 740)

[KT] The Eighth Emperor Chin announces the “Gathering of Pearls” as a goal of his reign. Plans are set in motion to recover lost artifacts and books. Contacts with Wa and Kozakura are expanded. (1339 DR)


[PS] Alisohn Nilesia applys for membership in the Red Death at age 8. Factol Mallin himself refuses her application.

[AQ] Khalil al-Assad al-Zahir ascends the Enlightened Throne (1340 DR)


[SJ] T’Laan arrives in Greatspace.


[PS] Alisohn Nilesia becomes the youngest Mercykiller ever, joining the ranks of the Red Death at age 11. The Time of Troubles takes place on the prime world of Toril, as her powers walk the lands


[DL] Draconians created. (342 AC)

[PS] Orcus, tanar’ri lord of the undead, is slain by primes with the help of Kiaransalee, a drow goddess. Orcus’ Wand is locked away in Agathion, the fourth layer of Pandemonium.


[SJ] T’Laan becomes an advisor to Gorath of House Shambrath and slowly takes control of Greatspace.


[FR] “Ten Black days of Eleint” ; Tethryian civil war begins (1347 DR)

[SJ] Andru becomes Prince of Bral.