Campaign Era


[KT] The Battle of Norinoshima ends the Hojo War of Kozakura with the defeat of the Hojo forces. The Ministry of Glorious Flight is established in Shou Lung. (1348 DR)

[PJ] The Lightbringers expel T’Laan from Greatspace, rekindling it’s sun.

[SJ-TS] The Geonomicon- It was discovered that most “definitive” works on space were out of date. The Geonomicon was commissioned by the Seekers in an attempt to change this.

[PS] In an effort to establish herself as the next royal bloodline, Trinth leads the Githyanki of the Astral Plane to discover a way to safely breaches the Gray and invades Athas. She is killed on the Astral, and the portal collapses


[GH] Bone March taken by humanoids (563 CY)


[GH] Iuz freed from captivity. (570 CY)

[Maztica] Naltecona ascends to the throne of Nexal (1350 DR)


[DL] War of the Lance – Space travel continued, but most ships from Krynn were used for various aspects of the war efforts, such as laying siege to flying citadels or as troop transports.When the wars ended, most space travel fizzled out. It continues on a low level, but at present spelljamming is a novelty in Krynnspace.(348-353 AC)


[PS] Duke Rowan Darkwood moves to Sigil. The tanar’ri enter the Astromundi Cluster through the Darkgate to collect ownership of Clusterspace. The same day he joins the Fated, Duke Rowan Darkwood suggest that Factol Emma Oakwright step down and name him the new Factol. She does.

[PJ] The Seven Stars find an ancient Juna base, making their fortunes and inadvertently setting the Illithid Overmind in motion.


[GH] Vecna Lives. (581 CY)

[PS] Dregoth, the undead dragon sorcerer-king, returns to the prime world of Athas (the Friend’s Agitation of the 190th King’s Age, or Free Year 10). “The Factol’s Manifesto” is published by an unknown editor, and is immediately banned by order of the Harmonium. The Doomguard form an alliance with the tanar’ri to build the Ships of Chaos.

[PJ] The Spelljoined meet in the Demiplane of Dread


[GH] Scarlet Brothehood first reported; Prince of Furyondy and Provost of Veluna kidnapped.(573 CY)


[SJ-TS] Start of the Second Inhuman War


[PJ] Fleeing their fate, The Spelljoined are sent through the vortex in the Demiplane of Time on the haunted Nautiloid, The Nomad.


[PS] A lawful evil force known as the Iron Shadow begins draining the imagination from the planes by claiming the formian city of Klictrik on Arborea, the human city of Blurophil on the elemental plane of Air, the rilmani city of Sum of All in the Outlands, and the kyton city of Jangling Hilter on Baator.

[PJ] The Seven Stars ally with the Hound Archon Jazuriel in fighting the Iron Shadow, a quest that takes them to the Spawning Stone of the Sladdi, The Infinite Staircase, and the city of Blurophil.


[FR, AQ, KT] The Time of Troubles (1358 DR)

[KT] The Takenaka war begins in Kozakura (1358 DR)

[PS] The Lady of Pain banishes Factol Karan of the Xaositects, Factol Darius of the Sign of One, Factol Sruce of the Bleak Cabal, Factol Terrance of the Athar, Factol Skal of theDustmen, the three leaders of the Free League, various cell leaders of the Revelutionary League, Factol Ambar of the Believers, and Duke Rowan Darkwood to the Mazes.

[PS] The Faction War begins.


[KT] The Tuigan invade Shou Lung (1359 DR)

[PJ] The Ta’an-mrow are exterminated by Tuigan radiers leaving only one survivor, Hissarmau.


[DL] Blue Lady’s War (357 AC)

[FR] Tuigan horde invades Faerun (1360 DR)

[SJ] Scro forces enter Realmspace, beginning of the Second Unhuman War in that sphere.

[PJ] The Seven Stars expel Vecna from Sigil after he broke into The Cage using the borrowed life force of the Demi-Power Dughkash, patron of the scro. They are granted a deed in the Lady’s Ward by the Lady of Pain herself- Stray Manor. The Seven Stars create permanent portal from Bral to Sigil.


[Maztica] Cordell lands in Maztica. The conquering of Nexal, death of Naltecona, the Night of Wailing, and the return of Qotal. (1361 DR)

[SJ] The Scro Tarantula Fleet invades and conquers Spiral. Later, it encounters the IENSpiralSpace fleet, and a gnomish fleet in the confusing, three-way Battle of Ironpiece. Following a raid on Iornpiece’s main port both the Scro fleet and the EIN SpiralSpace fleet disappear from the sphere.

[PJ] First Bralian Olympiad sponsored by The Planar Cult of Olympus. Then set out for Penumbra on an Ancient Illithid Nauitiloid in order to attempt to stop the Overmind from extinguishing more suns.


[GH] The Greyhawk Wars (582-584 CY)


[SJ] The Borka Maneuver. A Scro fleet enters the sphere and teams with the humanoids of Borka. A prolonged, massive battle ends in the humanoid’s defeat. A small scro force manages to provide ships and helms to the humanoids of Armistice in Winterspace. Their escape is shortlived, as a brief, brutal battle with an IEN Swanship and two Radiant dragons destroys their fleet. Shortly thereafter, a primary Witchlight marauder is released on Armistice.


[PJ] A necrotic meteor hits Dragon Rock, wiping out a third of it and cuasing the dead to rise as zombies. Thirteen ships escape including The Voidskimmer. High Priestess Kaolin of The Seven Stars uses The Staff of Celestian to pilot The Rock of Bral from Spiralspace to a new and safer home in The Grinder of Greyspace.


[PJ] The Misfits discover The Citadel of the Planes and take tenative possession of it based on Violetta’s half memories of it. They also face an elven ship from the year 2008 DR and the Crimson Fleet on the trailing edge of the Tears of Selune. The surviving members of The Seven Stars stage an assault upon the Illithid Overmind in the Deep Etheral using the artifact known as The Annulus. They destroy it, restoring the damage done by the illithid’s quantum meddling.
[PJ] The Spelljoined emerge from the time vortex 15 years after being sent through by the Sapphire Mage. They defeat the Patchwork Lord, freeing the demi-plane known as The Harrowing.


[PJ] The Misfits return from the Crimson Sphere having rescued Ozzy of The Seven Starsfrom its primary planet, Athas.


[FR] Zhentil Keep is destroyed (1368 DR) Zaranda Queen of Tethyr (people’s choice as monarch)

[SJ] A Scro fleet secretly enters Realmspace and begins contacting humanoids on Toril, they provide firearms and smokepowder to the humanoids.


[FR] Hellgate Keep is destroyed (1369 DR), The northern nation of Luruar is founded.



[DL] Summer of Chaos (383 AC)