Aetas Primus

-1,000,000 The Aetas Primus

This is the collective title for the “prehistoric” age of the known spheres. Little or no written records of this age exist, and even artifacts are few and far between. It is assumed that life evolved (or was planted) on approximately a dozen worlds in as many spheres throughout what is now known as the Trulian Ring. This stands to reason, because for reasons described below, this is where the known spheres came from. Whatever the case, for close to a million years space appears to have been devoid of any travellers. One should note the implications of this: for more that 90% of the universe’s history, the beings that eventually evolved into the space faring races of today were, at best, nomadic tribes restricted to a handful of worlds. Tales of the Illithidae ruling space in this age are completely unsubstantiated.

[SJ-TS] The Breaking of the First Sphere- Almost all cultures have a story dealing with the creation (or rebirth) of the known universe. There is physical evidence that at some point in the distant past (the above dates are approximate), the crystal sphere that once resided at the center of what is now the Trulian Ring, literally exploded. When one visits the Trulian Ring today, the remains of this sphere still float in the phlogiston inside the ring. Considering the positions of the spheres in the Trulian ring, and the locations of other known spheres in relation to that ring, it is assumed that this sphere, upon breaking, released all of the other spheres into the flow. The spheres traveled away from the explosion, and eventually settled in their current locations. Note that one should not confuse this First Sphere with the broken sphere that is the assumed origin of the Spelljammer. That sphere, while also dwelling within the Trulian Ring, is a different entity.