When your games span multiple campaign settings it rapidly becomes essential to figure our their relative timelines. When dealing with multiple groups operating in different portions of the timeline this becomes even more vital.

The following is a work in progress as I synch up the events of the past several campaigns with the cannon events of the settings. The majority of the heavy lifting is finished, but please let me know if you find conflicts so I can rectify them.


Timeline Key
[PJ] Denotes event from Planejammer Campaigns
[SJ] Denotes Spelljammer
[PS] Denotes Planescape
[FR] Denotes the Forgotten Realms
[DL] Denotes Dragon Lance
[KT] Denotes Kara-Tur
[AQ] Denotes Al-Quadim
[GH] Denotes Greyhawk
[Maztica] Denotes Maztica
[SJ-TS] Denotes Spelljammer: Temporum Sphaera
[GW] Denotes Ghostwalk
[EB] Denotes Eberron Coming Soon!
[DS] Denotes Dark Sun Coming Soon!
[RV] Denotes Ravenloft Coming Soon!


In The Beginning Before the count of years
Aetas Primus -1,000,000 to -100,000
The Pre-Classical Age -100,000 to -1,099
The Classical Age -1,100 to 2,079
The Modern Age 2,080 to 4,029
Years of the Blight – Unhuman War I 4,030 to 4,799
Recent History / The Early Games 4,800 to 5,029
Current Campaign Era 5,030 to 5,070

The Upheavals
Sometimes massive events reverberate through the planes of the Great Wheel. Here are the most important ones.

Alternate Future Timelines
Several different futures have been glimpsed, but which will come to pass no one knows.

Use of the Olven Calender was chosen as an appropriate baseline here because 1) it is tangible evidence of elven influence, 2) I felt it appropriate considering Greyhawk’s status as first AD&D game world and 3) it is the calender that Paul Westermeyer used as his baseline. Without his work this campaign specific project would not have been possible.

Original Compilation of Cannon Events and Dates by Paul Westermeyer , Addition of events from Dark Sun, Mystara, Ravenloft, Planescape, Ghostwalk, Temporum Sphaera and the Planejammer Campaign Series by Loki. Adjustments to original research works necessary to reconcile them with Planejammer continuity also made by Loki.