“Inventive and hard-working game designer–wrote some of the most engaging material in a Kobold Press release. Open to feedback, and has a powerful knack for strong communication and getting out in front of problems.” – Wolfgang Baur, Kobold Press
“Dark Roads and Golden Hells is one hell of an achievement… or perhaps eleven of them. Every chapter offers a world of ideas, every paragraph a vision. Open this to any page, and see if it doesn’t draw you in. Open Design has created a dazzlingly worthy successor to the Planescape legacy.” – Colin McComb, Planescape designer

Endzeitgeist Reviews

“The ease of plug-and-playing any component of this book [Dark Roads and Golden Hells] is beyond belief and in fact, in my opinion, the crowning achievement: While the content herein could stand alone as a cosmology, whether Planescape or the Great Beyond are used – all components retain their usability without losing their conceptual identity, thus making this book, at least in my opinion, vastly superior to all 3.X-plane-books. And yes, that does include the otherwise awesome “Beyond Countless Doorways”. I’ve been waiting for such a book since Planescape and the only other planar resource I could mention that somewhat is similar in quality, though different in focus, would be Paizo’s. Yes. It’s that good – and it’s also intelligent. […] My final verdict, if my rather lengthy tirade of joy and praise has been no indicator, will be 5 stars + seal of approval.” – Endzeitgeist